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Our Process

Getting your capital 

Simple Steps To Getting Non Traditional Funding

Step One:
Master Utility Service Agreement

The MUSA is a non-binding  agreement that formalizes the initial working relationship with Aflluent, to assist in  identifying the right funding source for potential Capital Projects.   This agreement  lets us know that both parties  are serious about working together to  find a solution to fund capital projects with non traditional funding source;

Step 2:
(Non Binding)

The addendum Is the  proposed items outlined with scope, agreements, and procedures of the total project.  This is the Capitol work that has been determined based on meetings, discussion and research that  have been determined by you.  The addendum is the proposal to be discussed and reviewed and negotiated so that the final addendum can be drafted and executed. 

Step 3:
Final Addendum

This is the final scope agreements and procedure that has been negotiated and agreed upon with all the kinks ironed out for execution..  

Step 4:

Notice To Proceed


 This document, once signed is binding and the funds will be processed to be released and the work will go forward.

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